C+E, ADR, HGV Driver

Product research and development

I designed and developed the proof-of-concept (hardware and software) for Origin Live's Light Speed Controller.

Developer of IoT-based recording, monitoring and control systems

  1. Design, proof-of-concept and systems development — IoT and Mesh-based IoT control and monitoring systems

  2. GPS tracking (my AIS STATION REALTIME DATA, Vessel Finder)

  3. Attendance and presence tracking, recording and monitoring

  4. Dynamic data display

Kind words people have said about working with me…

Products and Services Director at Immediacy

James Young

“John is a superb manager. Although I did not report directly to him, I did speak to him and enjoy his company. John is a calm, motivated and deep person. The depth of his knowledge and personality means that working under pressure in an organisation is made easy by John. John also has a gift in resolving business issues. I have witnessed his problem solving decisions and his quick, well thought business decisions and I have to say, it is amazing. What ranks John so highly in my regard is that he is funny too. Although he is Senior to me, I can still have a laugh and enjoy my work. I will greatly miss the gentle giant!”

James Young, Pre-Sales Consultant, Immediacy Ltd worked indirectly for John at Immediacy

Hao Peng

“John is a manager who brought values for the business. No matter how hard the situation is, how much pressure he's bearing, he is the guy who can always make things happen! He showed his ability from the first day he joined Immediacy in dealing with all aspects of the business - the product, sales, marketing and professional services. As a subordinate, I think he cared about us, gave us space to implement our values, and helped build such a good atmosphere and working moral in the company. If you are looking for a manager with real executive ability and expect him to lift your business to a new level, I would definitely recommend John.”

Hao Peng, Software Developer, Immediacy worked indirectly for John at Immediacy

Daniel Meineck

“John was the most exciting Manager to work under, dynamic and to the point, business aware and focussed on the goals. He has a unique talent to communicate his ideas and resolve problems, basically the buck stops here. John is a pleasure to work with and I feel privileged to have been on his team.”

Daniel Meineck, Software Developer, Immediacy reported to John at Immediacy

Dave Hope

“John is an exceptional decision maker, he has a superb ability to come into a situation and prioritize exactly what needs to be done. John is a born leader and motivates all who work with him. It has been a pleasure working for John and I’d jump at the chance to do so again.”

Dave Hope, IT Networks Administrator, Immediacy Ltd reported to John at Immediacy

Ian Dunkerly

“John is an exceptional director who makes everyone working with him feel valued and motivated. He is approachable and open and has an honest approach to work. He is confident in driving through changes that provide quantifiable benefits to both business and the working environment.”

Ian Dunkerly, Software Developer, Immediacy Limited worked indirectly for John at Immediacy

Jordanka Balkanska

“John’s creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see a project through really make the output of working with him distinctive and successful. He has developed an incredible team work at Immediacy. Many of his co-workers seek his advice and support. John is always there for them and is quite comfortable in the role. One of his best qualities is to give opportunities. John has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. I admire his leadership abilities and for these reasons, I highly recommend John as a remarkable person to work with. Joy is the very single word I would use if I have to describe the feeling of being John’s colleague!”

Jordanka Balkanska, Technical Author, Immediacy Ltd reported to John at Immediacy

Plamen Balkanski

“John without any doubt is the best manager I've ever had. He knows how to build a good team, how to establish a culture of trust and an excellent working environment. People love him for his ability to make you feel valued and his willingness to give you a chance. John's ability to take decisions concerning the future of the business is second to none. Under his management our department at Immediacy produced its best ever results and improved in three consecutive years. Should I have a chance to work with John again I will definitely jump into the opportunity without any hesitation.”

Plamen Balkanski, Head of Core Product Development, Immediacy reported to John at Immediacy

Alan Riley

“John has outstanding abilities at director level in a complex software environment. His ability to manage people is particularly strong. He gets the best out of them, and creates a caring and supportive environment.”

Alan Riley, Head of Training and Tech Pubs, Immediacy Ltd reported to John at Immediacy

John Greenlees

“John thinks big and executes fast. He has an amazing ability to create organization where there was none and motivate teams to deliver tough, scalable products. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but John defends his team to the hilt and will always give you personal time and care, no matter how pressured things are round about. No wonder he inspires such loyalty!”

John Greenlees, CTO, Immediacy Ltd worked with John at Immediacy

Christopher Andrews

“John has extraordinary leadership abilities - he's visionary, inspirational, challenging, highly intelligent and subtle. I've yet to meet another person so senior with the same appetite, and aptitude for change. John moves effortlessly with the times, but at the same time brings with him the wisdom of previous experience. What would upset John would be to get stuck in a rut, but I can't see that ever happening to him. He's also great fun to be around; I find him good humoured, highly knowledgeable and compassionate. I have learned, and continue to learn a great deal from him.”

Christopher Andrews, Head of Pre-sales, Immediacy worked indirectly for John at Immediacy

Rich Allen

“John has an exceptional ability to motivate, inspire and lead a group of talented individuals to deliver quality products. His no nonsense approach to management made working with him a real pleasure and given the opportunity I would jump at the chance of working with him again in the future.”

Rich Allen, Senior Web Developer, Immediacy reported to John at Immediacy

James Hoskins

“I first had the pleasure of working with John when at NTL and have very much valued the opportunities to do so since. It’s one thing to have ideas and aspirations but something completely different to be able to pull together teams of people, engender respect and loyalty, and deliver the results. I’ve seen John do this repeatedly over the years and remain truly inspired by his leadership skills and ability to deliver stuff that works, and works well.”

James Hoskins, Product Strategy Manager, Immediacy worked with John at Immediacy

Web Technologies PM at Juniper

Ian Catlin

“John is an inspirational leader and top drawer businessman, able to grasp cutting edge concepts and produce real-world solutions. Highly recommended.”

Ian Catlin, Director of IT, Juniper Networks managed John at Juniper

Head of Browser Based Product Development at Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Eric Bowman

“I observed John at the helm of 3's launch offering, where he successfully managed an unbelievable number of details, projects, and variables into a successful, on-time launch. Through it all he kept a wonderful sense of humour and humanity amidst an inherently inhumane process. I was inspired by his approach and impressed by his skills and technique. I hope I get to work with him again!”

Eric Bowman, Principal Architect, Hutchison 3G: worked indirectly for John at Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Babak Fouladi

“The best way to describe John is - HE DELIVERS! John motivates the people around him, and breaks down the barrriers within a project to get the work done. If you want the work done, have John lead it....”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Babak Fouladi: hired John as a IT Consultant in 2002

I enjoy photography and chess. MBTI: INTJ