I know stuff. Do stuff. Deliver stuff. And teach stuff

I enjoy photography and chess. MBTI: INTJ

Delivery Manager for large software/digital development and service delivery projects

I've lead software development projects for Immediacy, Hutchison 3G, Virgin Media, Hewlett Packard and University of Surrey. I've blogged about being Head of Digital Strategy and Platforms at Surrey. And, I've lead service delivery for Cabinet Office (CERT) and london.gov.uk.

Developer of IoT-based recording, monitoring and control systems

  1. Design, proof-of-concept and systems development — IoT and Mesh-based IoT control and monitoring systems
  2. GPS tracking (my AIS STATION REALTIME DATA, Vessel Finder)
  3. Attendance and presence tracking, recording and monitoring
  4. Dynamic data display

HGV C+E Lorry Driver, licenced to carry dangerous goods

Product research and development

I designed and developed the proof-of-concept (hardware and software) for Origin Live's Light Speed Controller.

Developer of mobile apps